“This morning we left the school early at 8am and took the tram then the shuttle to the Puy De Dome. It’s an ancient volcano, which is more than 10,000 years old. We took the train “panoramic of the domes” to reach the top of the volcano. It has a dome shape because it is filled with lava. From there the view is fantastic. We can see all the chain of volcanoes which are now a UNESCO heritage site. First we made an escape game to solve mysteries about the Temple of Mercury built in the 2nd century. Then we did Maths activities by measuring distances, and other plants, trees etc. We enjoyed so much this Maths activity and wish we can do more outdoor mathematics. Then, after picnic, we walked down the Puy de Dome and reached the shuttle bus to go back home. The weather was fantastic. It was a unique day. We could see many people paragliding over the volcanoes. We hope we can come back with our partners in October.” French students

Click on YouTube link for visual expressions: https://youtu.be/CVAaHyzP2lc